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Tony is as inspired today as when he first set out to create the unmistakable Tony Page brand. He harnessed his craft from a young age preparing “mise en plus” in Michelin star restaurants and palatial hotels. This directly translates to “everything in its place”. Nothing better describes his philosophy than this renowned practice. He insists that when you learn at the highest level, you will never feel comfortable delivering anything less and his ambition is to keep the standards as close to his ideals as possible. Service excellence is echoed by his diverse and creative team, where collaboration fuels his menus and no stone is left unturned in delivering for his clients.

Tony is a curator at heart and recognises that food starts with the eyes and as much effort and care that goes into each dish, should go into each piece of dining ware and even each person serving it. Be it a hand-painted clay platter from Naples, an antique, a polished silver champagne bucket or a freshly pressed tuxedo coat, each guest should not only feast on food but feast on experience.

Tony has built relationships with suppliers to ensure he is not only getting the freshest ingredients but the finest cuts of meat and even the ideal smoke length on salmon. This obsession consistently sets the bar higher and ensures that people who eat his food understand that whilst the complexity of a dish comes from its cooking, the flavour comes from the ingredient.

Tony conducts a symphony orchestra of talented players and nobody misses a note or a beat. The music is ever-changing, but the applause remains the same. Most would revel in the sentiment of their achievements, but Tony is far more concerned with his next event.


Sarah’s active approach to everything she does started when she was very young. Her earliest memory was running into a wall purely because she was moving too fast to slow down. Here she is, years later, and not much has changed, now when walls appear, she finds a way to go over, around or through them. Sarah is a leader, whose actions and pure energy for what she does is the example to everyone she works with. Like the tree of knowledge, she is deeply rooted in the business and the team are eager to pick her fruits.

With over 20 years of experience at Tony Page, there is no one more adaptable in handling any request. You cannot help but trust Sarah, her unshakable moral compass assists in easily building rapport with her clients, to the point they become best mates. Sarah has a confidence that is measured and at no point do you feel like you could throw her off her game.

She wants to take the worry out of an event. Like a puzzle, it may seem overwhelming at first, but she thrives in the chaos, carefully coordinating each piece, so you can just sit back and experience the beauty of the final picture.The thing is, Sarah is seen as a workaholic, but the reality is that when you love what you do and your obsession is motivated by passion, it is hardly work, it is just full life.


Shaun talks of how as a chef you are usually kept hidden away, grinding in a sweat box producing art that is only fit for the room it enters. At Tony Page he feels like a spotlight shines on them as they are paraded to guests, not just their food.

Shaun is classically trained in French cooking and working in large volume hotels is just one tick on a long list of proficiencies. As executive Sous Chef, Shaun’s responsibilities are not confined to cooking but driving a creative into reinventing favourite dishes. Shaun believes there is a place for comfort food as much as there is for innovation in the kitchen and Tony Page’s clientele always seem to know what to expect. It doesn’t end there, quality is not the only desirable trait that they possess, but to also perform the “impossible”. All the big charities and major gala dinners come to Tony Page because they know that they can handle the cooking and plating of over 1000, 3 course meals with a zero drop in standard.

Shaun is very proud of a connected team who not only work for clients and their business but for each other. Reliability is an underrated quality and they rely on each other heavily to get things done. They thrive on the push and are like a band of skilled marksman in the trenches.


It all started while working for Tony Page as a waitress at age 16 and after studying hospitality at university, Maddy was offered work experience. She quickly rooted herself as part of the team, culminating in the big break to apply for a full-time planning position. She had a specific goal, paved a well-defined path, grit in her teeth and has ended up right where she has always wanted to be.

Maddy is client-centric, she has an enchanting nature about her, a comforting character that makes you instantly feel like old friends.

She makes herself available around the clock, being more than just the facilitator, rather a companion or guide. She does everything to view an event through her client’s eyes, understanding not only their goals but their personality too. She works hard to create a sense of ease, so everything fits snuggly into place. Nothing is too much; she thrives on getting things done that most would consider impossible.

For Maddy the event day itself is thrilling, the atmosphere created by the love felt in the room makes everything fade away and reminds her about the important things in life. It is an incredible sentiment to be able to share in each one of these moments.

Her selflessness knows no bounds and she believes in doing all she can to turn dreams into celebrations.


Being an accountant is not always the most popular position, but Raj finds comfort in being one of the most contributory. Not all catering businesses are a success, and this is because it takes more than just making good food and offering a good service. Ensuring checks and balances is not always easy, especially when your offering is measured through the highest levels of quality, which comes with a price tag. Raj finds his job a juggling act, but it’s a star act that has been keeping the Tony Page circus going for 30 years.

He says he has always found it his moral obligation to serve to the highest level and finds it easy to put the business first. If the business is healthy, everyone will be healthy. Raj still finds himself empowered and relishes each day as if it was his first. Patience is his greatest virtue and he remains certain that keeping a clear head allows him to function at the level he does. Raj believes that inner peace is your true wealth and it is what has always played a major part in being consistent for over 17 years.

Accounting is not just balance sheets, ledgers and journals. It’s the power to see the people behind the numbers and to create a platform for all to prosper.


“Melvyn the Mensch” a name coined by any and all who cross paths with this community man. Melvyn recognised Tony’s enate ability to be the visionary and creative force that could implement immense success and was more than happy to be the grounding energy. Melvyn’s high-level emotional intelligence is an invisible superpower that breeds connection. Whether you have met him briefly or met him for one of his famous coffee catch ups, you cannot help but feel warm and fuzzy after. Everything is about balance and Melvyn sees the counterpoint to each situation which provides a necessary back board to bounce off. Imagine wearing a set of tinted glasses that give an alternate perspective to be able to assess a situation from more than one angle. Melvyn is that set of glasses.

He has an entrepreneurial spirit and a natural business acumen that allows him to focus on the holistic business growth and ensure all relationships are rock solid.

Like a skilled engineer, Melvyn identifies bottlenecks and finds solutions, opens doors, and greases friction points.

ome would call Melvyn a charmer for his more old- fashioned approach to business but he promises that all the greatest business comes from sharing food and ideas.

You may get an invite for coffee from Melvyn but don’t take that as an opportunity for a fix of caffeine. His invitation is always communication and builds the stage like a cushy cloud that draws out transparency and truth.


“And so, the adventure begins”, a favourite quote from the passion inspired Charlotte. For her the adventure lies in the unknown, allowing the rush of new experiences to nourish her. What you will come to recognise, however, is that there are no real unknowns for Charlotte. She is so prepared, researched and committed to her role that new experiences feel riskless and certain. It is in the grinding down of every detail that Charlotte lives so freely. Charlotte has an analytical head on her shoulders, dissecting each problem into conquerable parts and finding that each mountain climbed starts with just one step.

Charlotte studied psychology and philosophy which has given perspective and patience to her interactions. She sees depth, listens and offers her own take. On the surface she is super laidback, reassuring her clients but what lies underneath is a high-functioning machine agonising about every eventuality, so no one else has to.

She is softened by the romanticism of each event, which serves as a gentle reminder of her why. The holding of hands between a newly married couple as they start their new life or the tremble in a father’s speech to his son who has grown into a man. For Charlotte this job is not just a seating plan and some well-timed starters, it is orchestrating a memory that will last a lifetime.


"Laura grew up surrounded by balloons, glitter, giant chandeliers and grand hotel staircases. Fabulous parties were her natural habitat and it seemed to embed a true love of the celebratory magic it brings to people’s lives.

She is a devoted wife and mother who has always kept her toe dipped in the eventing pool, diving in as a full-time lifeguard when the team needed her. With her children more grown-up, she finds herself more focused than ever as a full-time member of the Tony Page team.

After studying at university, Laura received her work experience at the world-famous Claridge’s, which honed her understanding of what it takes to provide sophistication and polished service. She has always drawn on her impressive organisational skills, not only in events and catering but through her philanthropic undertakings as an active participant in her community, charities and committees.

Laura’s mantra is to always keep moving, to work harder than anyone else, and never take anything for granted. Catch her on the other end of the phone, day or night, calming in her approachability. She is a quiet powerhouse, driven by the outcome and seeing a smile on her clients’ faces. Laura is dependable, more so fanatical in achieving her client’s dreams, nothing is left to chance and no detail is missed. All events are special and the hurdles that are sent her way are seen as opportunities at drawing closer to perfection."


Mike arrived at Tony Page at a very turbulent time, where Tony was attracting young, talented chefs from around the world to work around the clock. The problem was that these chefs would work for six months to a year, save up and leave to travel. Mike came in and wanted to build a team of chefs who were like-minded, family men who had firmly planted their roots in the ground. His rationale was talent without consistency would be like a sports car running without oil. This is not the first time Mike entered stormy seas, he started his culinary journey working in high-paced kitchens on cruise ships.

Executive Chefs over the years have had a bad reputation; an inability to show patience, pressure addicted, with short tempers. Nothing could be further from Mikes buddha-like disposition. After over 22 years, mastery is inevitable, and he stands at the helm of the kitchen as a sage leading his world class line. As a leader it is easy to direct followers, however, Mike has taken the path less travelled which is to empower his staff to become leaders themselves. It is refreshing take to see chefs who all bring something different in the kitchen, stand shoulder to shoulder in producing their strengths.

Mike is no stranger to hard work and his enthusiasm is powered by the diversity of each event.  A new client is seen as a new opportunity to push the boundaries of what they can do. Boundaries were common when Mike started, he had never worked in kosher and initially it was like some of his biggest weapons were removed from his arsenal. After some time, he learned to sharpen and refine the weapons he had and found some new tactics to go to war. It truly was blessing in disguise as this is the difference between a kosher caterer and a caterer who happens to be kosher.

Mike has been there through it all. He is resilient, sharp, kind and understanding. He is the manifestation of what dedication can carry and boy has he carried a lot.


Michelle is at the heart of the control room of this very complex organisation and has been for the last fourteen years. Nothing happens without it in some way or another coming through her desk. An octopus would struggle with the amount of multitasking that is required to be Tony’s personal assistant but, coming from a background of International PR, this is a piece of cake, literally as she befriends all the pastry chefs!

She is the chameleon of the team transforming herself into any role, so much so that it would feel a disservice to paint her into a single box. Michelle is a listening ear, a frank opinion and a comforting shoulder. Like bees to honey everyone seems to pop into her office for a coffee and a chat.

To be effective Tony needs to have his time utilised efficiently and Michelle is that timekeeper, prioritising every item and agenda so Tony just has to show up and do what he does best. In order to ensure there are no hiccups or concerns, she relies heavily on her almost telepathic ability to anticipate every eventuality and even Tony’s next thought or plan, before he even asks.

In a business like this, it is important for Tony to remain accessible and Michelle’s goal is to ensure that clients always feel that he is just a call away. Loyalty has never been a question for her, she is very protective of Tony and his business and stands resolute in his corner. Trust doesn’t come easy and the main reason why she is so effective is because she has earned the autonomy to make decisions that are always in Tony’s best interest.


Busy and in control best describes Bozena, the remarkable head of Operations. She has a special ability to see the best in everyone and withhold any judgment. This allows all her exchanges to be free, composed and comfortable. She has a lengthy resume in hospitality that points in one direction, up. Many consider themselves ambitious, but Bozena focuses completely on the test at hand and the rest falls rather quickly into place. Being a fireman is an understatement, she is suited up and first into the blazing fire, always saving the day.

There is nothing outside of her peripheral and nothing too much to ask.  She is one of those rare breeds who ask for more work and more responsibility, so she doesn’t descend into boredom. Bozena’s background has covered every aspect of hospitality from bar, to floor, to management and events. This gives her an acute eye for detail and the ability to move into any position when needed. When an enquiry comes in and every detail is uncovered, it falls on Bozena to source and bridge every gap to make all the logistics run smoothly. She believes that every person deserves to be happy and she just focuses on how to find different ways to make that happen. She says that it is natural for clients to feel stressed out and concerned with their event, they want it to be perfect. She believes, however, that she should always reflect a calm nature and it will be mirrored.

Bozena believes that all clients are the same, whether it’s birthday for 10 people or wedding for 300, she is in the business of celebrations and every guest should feel the same level of attention. Enjoy, relax, create memories and let Bozena handle the rest.


Respect is the biggest non-negotiable for Cesario, a revered member of the team. He says that if you respect others and the same is offered to you, every interaction will be a positive one. Starting at the bottom, speaking very little English, he has proven that his will to be successful and create a life for himself, is achievable. Cesario’s story is one of pure grit and determination, educating himself and being guided by others he has climbed the ranks to where he is now. Cesario has the intricate responsibility of managing every moving piece needed for an event to be transported. After an event, the trucks come back and each item needs to be unpacked, counted, cleaned and positioned back in the well-organised warehouse. Without his vigilant eye, it can be the difference between a successful event and some unforeseen disasters for the planners. Every item has its place and if anyone needs to find something, Cesario is the first point of call. He has a taste for absorbing as many new things as he can and believes that if we are not learning, we will stay the same. Cesario has to be organised and tidy and even jump behind the wheel of a truck if need be.

His motivating force is to never have a complaint, he works hard and guarantees his own peace of mind. He is always smiling, ready to help anyone, and finds real pride in finding solutions to problems.


The more you explore this business the more you will find gems. Duarte is the epitome of a diamond created under pressure. Starting as a kitchen porter, washing dishes and polishing glasses he embraced the upward challenge of growth and self-development. He has always leaned into a challenge and put himself in the position to now stand proud as the Head Chef. Duarte’s niche is productivity and only has one gear, which is forward. He says his favourite part of working at Tony Page has been the experiences that he could never dream of; from travelling to Capri to cooking for Prime Ministers, there is always something new and exciting around the corner. Duarte is an intoxicating personality, you can’t help but feel that he is genuinely invested in you when you chat with him, he is passionate about cooking and has the energy to continuously find new ways to create theatre and drama with food. He looks back fondly at a Bar mitzvah where he created a planet themed piñata out of chocolate. The kids smashed it open and all the contents spilled out onto a platter for everyone to devour. The execution was difficult, but he revels in the pleasure his food creates, and the expense of time and effort always tends to be worthwhile.

Duarte has worked under almost every chef that has worked at Tony Page and has outlasted them all. His many mentors knitted a woven tapestry of styles and competences that makes up a unique and elite chef who stands firmly planted today with his own vision and tastes.


Pastry Chef


Reservations Manager, Tony Page @ Island Grill


Event Planner


Kashrut Director


Chia arrived as a junior or as her mentor saw it, a clean slate to be moulded. She fondly remembers her training over 14 years ago, where there was a strict system and structure to follow. Bold lines, black and white, simply a right and a wrong way to do things. Chia had to navigate the stringent and foreign rules of kashrut, the nuances in Jewish culture, and all whilst maintaining the highest standards of service delivery. It was almost as if Chia had to learn a whole new language in order to find her own voice. With an expanded glossary, she now has the right amount of chutzpah and seichel (self-confidence and smarts) to tackle anything that comes her way.

Few have ever been more integral to the Tony Page family than Chia. The student has now become the master to the point of unconscious competence, that she can do her job in her sleep. She has found formulas that bring parties and events to life and describes each client request as a treasure trove waiting to be cracked open.

Instead of her resting in her very rare down time, you will find her in the great outdoors, naturally curious for life’s wonders.

Chia is ambitious, focused and most importantly adaptable. She delivers on even the most difficult challenges by wholeheartedly dedicating herself to every circumstance.

The Tony Page team